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Podcast episode #1 – Introducing Help’n’Trade platform in a nutshell and why should you listen to our podcast

We’d like to introduce to you, our users, what Help’n’Trade is all about and what are its essential parts. With that aim, we recorded an introductory episode with the founder Stefan Kuruc, who passionately explains the goal of the platform and why it can be of interest to any user.

Why doing a podcast you may ask? We know we can’t do it all alone, we know we need help. The podcast is our way of reaching out to other entrepreneurs and to you, exactly for that purpose – to exchange our ideas and experiences with the interviewed entrepreneurs just as well as with you personally.

Your next steps

Join us and listen to the very first episode of the Help’n’Trade podcast and don’t forget to share with us your ideas in the comment section below.

If you want to stay in touch or appear on the podcast, contact us via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/helpandtrade or drop us an e-mail on: contact@helpandtrade.com.
Also, don’t forget to check our platform: https://helpntrade.com

… and If you want to know more about how our solution works and what you can do with it, check our “How to” page here: LINK

00:00 – Introduction
01:07 – Background of the founder and how did the idea of Help’n’Trade come alive
04:14 – What made the leap towards entrepreneurship happen
07:10 – What is the platform, who is invited and how does it benefit the users
10:14 – Promising idea
11:02 – Local solution also for digital services
12:52 – Customer groups
16:15 – Following current market trends
18:56 – What were the challenges so far
21:25 – The team
25:00 – What makes Help’n’Trade better than its competitors
28:06 – Help’n’Trade values are rewarding and make a real difference
29:04 – Podcast and entrepreneurship
31:03 – Reach out to us

Stefan Kuruc
Founder of Help’n’Trade

Ebony Busby
Business Developer

Audio editing:
Thomas Jedelhauser

CMO of Help’n’Trade

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  1. Axel

    Awesome! Lets help’n trade!

  2. Martin

    Great job Stefan!

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