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Open a web shop with just your mobile phone and start selling online under 5 minutes

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saves you thousands on webshop setup

saves you 3 months of effort on average

makes you discoverable locally

Everything technical included: hosting, security, SEO, digital payments, picture compression, ... everything a modern web shop needs!

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How to open your own webshop?


Sign up

Create an account on Help’n’Trade and verify your e-mail.


List your services or products

We’ll guide you through 3 steps to set up your own local eShop. You can always change and add more information like pictures, pricing, description, etc. later. Place your eShop on the map where you want to be discoverable and you are good to go!


Share your eShop and gather reviews

Don’t forget to share the link to your eShop with your already existing customers so you save even more time and effort in the future. Don’t forget to verify your business to unlock digital payments for your customers and to be discoverable also via Google search.

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Why use Help'n'Trade:

local clients

local visibility

We make sure your business is discoverable in- and outside of our application via for example Google search. This includes technical optimization like loading speed, but also SEO, local SEO, meta information and much more.

local discoveribility

local clients

Connecting with local clients means you save time and money, which in turn means you can focus on what you do best, namely quality delivery. Connecting with clients locally has also positive impact for local communities and the environment! Which is why we created Help’n’Trade in the first place.

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business suite

Create your business profile, present your work, connect with new customers and have a quick overview of what needs to be done with your own dashboard. Message and exchange info like pictures and documents with your clients, send offers and invoices (also as pdf.), Accept digital payments, … all in a single platform!

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Pricing of subscription

We want to tell your story:

Blog post

We’ll be happy to publish your story on our blog post so that more people can learn about your great work

Social media

We’ll raise awareness about your local businesses via our social media

promotional video

Thanks to “Impact Hub Basel” we can create a promotional video about you and your business

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