Why strategic consulting in online marketing matters?

Podcast episode #5 – Strategic consulting in online marketing with Sergio Sanchez from sergio-sanchez.de

In this episode Sergio Sanchez presents his online marketing agency sergio-sanchez.de. Sergio is doing strategic consulting for his clients, among others also in online marketing. What differentiates Sergio from his competitors, is his ability to actively listen to his clients. This enables Sergio to identify clients’ true needs, set clear goals and realize them, delivering an end-to-end solution.

The benefits of the client-centric approach

Sergio’s online marketing agency is on a market for over 5 years now. It proves that focus on a client, rather than scaling the business, is a key factor leading to success on a market. It also enables to keep the team small, giving Sergio the flexibility to adapt the market trends quickly and therefore stay relevant. Furthermore, the execution of projects is more efficient which adds extra value to the client.

Next steps

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00:00 – Introduction
01:10 – The founding story of sergio-sanchez.de business
02:00 – How to approach online projects
04:00 – Adding value for your clients
07:26 – Benefits of maintaining an agile company size
08:30 – The current challenges
10:30 – Mindset vs hard skills in your employees
12:08 – The trends for online agencies
14:08 – Outsourcing web development
16:58 – How to deal with clients that cannot articulate their needs
18:55 – Why projects fail if the goal has not been clearly defined
22:30 – Customer-centric approach in the current digital world
23:27 – Why you should turn down projects you do not believe in
24:18 – Next steps and where to reach us

Sergio Sanchez
Founder of

Audio editing:
Thomas Jedelhauser