Plastic free groceries with Lyfa

Plastic free groceries with Lyfa
Photo by Lyfa

Podcast episode #4 – Plastic free groceries with Michael May from

In this episode we’ll have a look at Lyfa, a startup based in Basel, which offers a plastic free groceries and delivery. Michael May, the co-founder of Lyfa explains how their venture offers a sustainable alternative for doing groceries, while delivering your order right to your doorstep.

The benefits of Lyfa’s model for plastic free groceries

First of all, you can order your groceries comfortably in an online store. Secondly, the goods are delivered by bike in reusable containers. Therefore, removing the plastic packaging from your order entirely. Last but not least, because the containers are reusable, Lyfa collects them again and sanitizes them for your next order.
You don’t have to worry about the storage, nor the plastic waste. That is how groceries of the future will be done!

Current challenges

Lyfa is in its very early stage and looking for people who can help develop the business to the next level. If you want to support Lyfa financially, the startup will start a crowdfunding campaign very soon. We’ll post the link to their crowdfunding campaign as soon as it is online. In the meantime, check Lyfa’s website regularly for more information.

Update from 20.12.2019:
Lyfa successfully raised funds in the crowdfunding campaign to incorporate and bring their startup to the next level!

Next steps

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00:00 – Introduction
00:35 – What is Lyfa
04:05 – The team and partners
04:58 – Current challenges
07:59 – Crowdfunding campaign
10:05 – Position towards competitors
14:30 – Sustainability is the future
15:46 – The plan to scale up
19:42 – Logistical challenges
22:39 – Support from “Basel Startup Academy”
24:10 – Future projects
26:58 – Next steps and where to reach us

Who are we

Michael May
Co-founder of Lyfa

Audio editing:
Thomas Jedelhauser

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