Help'n'Trade wants you to just help!

Helping Covid-19 affected people via mobile web application

Help’n’Trade is a Basel-based startup, which creates a mobile web application for local exchange of skills, goods and services, locally. Help’n’Trade application can be accessed here:

We are building this platform with the intention to bring communal behavior and circular economy to a digital world. Our mobile web application is not yet fully ready, nor beautiful. However, we want to help and therefore offer it in these difficult times, in its current state, free of charge.

With Help’n’Trade mobile web application, individuals and families can organize their needs locally. People in self-isolation can request help from their communities and volunteers know whom to help with what. We understand many people are faced with challenges. These can be hard to handle without external help. This is why we think, you can use our mobile web application for the following.

For people in self-quarantine:

Individuals that are classified as at risk (older people, people with preexisting health risks, etc.) are asked to stay home and self-quarantine. If you are in self-quarantine, you can use our application to request help getting your groceries, your medicine, or any other supplies. Your identity is protected, and your address is shared only with the volunteer you confirm.

For parents:

Many schools and day-cares are closed for longer stretches of time. Employees are asked to work from home and parents have to find ways to take care of their children. If you are a parent and have difficulty finding an alternative to a daycare or school for your children, you can use our application to request baby-sitting, organize with other parents and provide day-care yourself. You can cover other needs as well. Our feedback system builds trust and is shared among all users. Also, you can set precise times of start and end of the day-care requirement and share the URL address of your requirement via your preferred social media.

For people willing to help:

Everyone who is not in a risk category can still help his/her neighbors while maintaining social distancing and rules of hygiene. If you are willing to help, you can use our application to find people in your neighborhood requesting help. Communicate with them via messaging in our application and deliver what they need transparently and efficiently.How to use our mobile web application:If you are in need of help (getting supplies, have medicine picked up, ect.) do not hesitate to post a request at your location and in exchange offer “1 positive feedback”.

We built the application so that you can ask for a reward (counter service, goods or money), but in the current situation, you can just as well request/offer “1 volunteer”. 

Financial disclosure:

Help’n’Trade does not take any money from activities on its platform. We are not supported through advertisement and are not selling any information about our users. Even though our product is not yet perfect, we want to help. If you can help us develop our product, become part of the community, or want to share your thoughts with us, do not hesitate to contact us via social media or e-mail:

Trading map on mobile - Help'n'Trade

Connect with us via our social media channels or just write us an e-mail. We are always happy about a feedback!