As a student
Help'n'Trade is the rigt tool for you!

  • Need help moving to a new place?
  • Do you need a sports buddy?
  • Do you need a language buddy?
  • Do you need help studying?
  • Do you need help learning an instrument?
  • Do you need someone to chill out with?
  • Do you need a gaming buddy?

Use Help’n’Trade to announce what do you need and offer something in exchange.
It’s free!

  • Are you available to move some furniture?
  • Can you teach your mother tongue?
  • Can you play music on events?
  • Can you teach fellow students?
  • Can you be a guide in your city?
  • Can you take care of a pet?
  • Can you babysit?

Use Help’n’Trade to connect with others who need your help and get rewarded!
It’s free!

Connect with us via our social media channels or just write us an e-mail. We are always happy about a feedback!