Help'n'Trade for students - offer your valuable skills

Offer your skills

Do you play in a band? Offer your skills to play in a local bar, on weddings or events!
Do you have a cool hobby, is there something you do better than others? Show it on Help’n’Trade and connect with like minded people!

Offer your time

Some activities are better done in a group. Be a training buddy, gaming friend, help others move their furniture or simply help your community members. Your positive impact on your environment starts with your engagement.

offer your knowledge

Offer your knowledge to other students as a tutor, teach your native language, be a city guide or teach others music and art… On Help’n’Trade you’ll find valuable connections and appreciation for your knowledge, just do the first step.   

Help'n'Trade for students - illustration

What else can Help'n'Trade do for you?

For students - Help'n'Trade illustration 2

Ask for help

How many times did you face a challenge and had no money, nobody and nothing to help you solve it? Use Help’n’Trade to ask for help with your studies, your search for accommodation, overnight while travelling… anything that comes to your mind.

Ask for goods

Being a student means a constant change and need to adapt to your new environment. You can use Help’n’Trade to ask for furniture, to ask for books… to ask for 2nd hand goods. You’ll help the environment and will engage in circular economy.

ask to get connected

New in a city? Want to meet new people? Help’n’Trade can help you get connected. Find and meet a gaming buddy, sports buddy, people to go out with. Help’n’Trade is all about bringing people together, locally.

help'n'trade for students - how does it work?

Your personal black board - Help'n'Trade

your personal blackboard

Help’n’Trade for students works as your personal “black board” to help you with your everyday challenges. Exchange with friends and family. Say what you need, what you have to offer, request help, connect and exchange with others, locally.

There is a great value, you as a student, can give to your communities, while contributing to the environment and the local economy. Besides the experience and having an impact on your environment, Help’n’Trade lets you define how much is your effort worth. Its all transparent and negotiable.

Trust - Help'n'Trade

Get rewarded

entrepreneurial ecosystem - Help'n'Trade - for consumers

entrepreneurial environment

Do you have a great idea and no budget? Test the local market and see the demand for your offer. Receive feedback, which will help you grow the next unicorn startup. Help’n’Trade can help you do the first step and find your first customer!