we help you you solve your challenges as a starting entrepreneur

is there a need for my product,

Create your offer on Help’n’Trade and find out whether there is a demand for your product or service? Change the title, change the keywords, see what attracts more users and what not and create various offers to test your ideas.

where and Who is my customer,

On Help’n’Trade you can place your offer in various locations and therefore check where is a greater demand for your services. Additionally, because Help’n’Trade is all about connecting people locally, you will get to meet your customer, receive their feedback and learn valuable lessons. There is nothing better for a starting entrepreneur than to receive an honest feedback and connect with as many people as possible. 

and how much should I charge?

Because everything on Help’n’Trade is negotiable, so is the price people will pay for your service. Publish your offer and what you expect in exchange and see for yourself what others suggest as a price for your service. The market will tell you how much are your services worth and you can choose your customer as well.

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What else can Help'n'trade do for you

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support for alternative business models

If you want to pursue a business model of circular economy, Help’n’Trade is a great place to start! On one hand you can ask/request help and services and on the other hand you can provide your own skills and resources. For example, if you want to up-cycle used furniture you can use Help’n’Trade to find and get old furniture. After the up-cycling you can offer your new-product as your service on Help’n’Trade as well.

connect with like-minded people

Use our application to connect with like-minded people, or alternatively take part in our monthly meetups, which connect local entrepreneurs. In whichever stage of building your venture you are Help’n’Trade is here to support you.

Little need for digital skills

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how does it work?

marketplace for local services - Help'n'Trade - consumers

Market-place for services

Businesses can create short term negotiable offers, which serve as a direct customer acquisition channel. It delivers extra exposure with no marketing costs or need for a website. Plus, it is all localized on a map, therefore you can serve directly the market you choose to.

You can acquire customers through creating an offer or request. You can as well actively search for a fitting requests on a map. Additionally, we are building a matchmaking engine which will match your offer with requests on the map and inform you directly in your mailbox

Matchmaking engine - Help'n'Trade - for consumers

matchmaking engine

Proximity - Help'n'Trade - for consumers

proximity matters

Our solution supports local communities and businesses interaction within their neighbourhoods. Therefore, place your offers where you know you can serve the market. You’ll save yourself a lot of travel time, but also you will do something for the environment. Moreover, your local community will also learn about your business and what you can offer to them.

Short term offers can as well serve to test the local market see the demand for the new service, product or offering and to receive a feedback outside of friends and family. Try to offer your services via our application before you start spending money on website, marketing or campaigns. Our platform can help you a lot!

entrepreneurial ecosystem - Help'n'Trade - for consumers

entreprenreneurial environment