Help'n'trade for consumers - looking for the best service provider?

Find the best provider for the current need,

You need a nanny on monday, you need a painter on Friday and someone to teach you French in the evenings. As your needs change daily, the pain of finding the best service provider repeats. 

In the shortest time

Your search requires clicking through ads on google, asking friends around or requesting help via social media. The process is tedious and takes on average 1,5 to 4 hours before you make the first call.

and for the best price

… and than you find out that the service provider is across the whole country, costs too much and is not available until the next month.

Not with Help’n’Trade!

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Help'n'Trade helps you with your needs locally

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you choose your service provider,

Certain needs require professional service provider, for example an electrician. But certain needs can be handled by your neighbor as well, for example dog walking. Simply, create a request for a service and offer something in exchange or respond to offers of others. The choice of a provider and conditions is up to you.

in minutes and locally

With Help’n’Trade you don’t need hours. Creating a request takes less than 2 minutes. Showing interest to offers takes just a click. The offers are temporary and current, no need to research endlessly, just drop the message directly to the service provider of interest. … and because its all local, delivery is fast and environment is happy as well. 

... and did we mention non-monetary exchange?

Pay a professional fee which is adequate, or swap old furniture for your neighbors lecture in Spanish! We support both worlds and you have the freedom to negotiate.

how does it work?

marketplace for local services - Help'n'Trade - consumers

Marketplace for services

You can create request and offer something in exchange. You can offer your own skills and help your local community. You can explore the map and respond to other peoples needs while getting rewarded. You can acquire services local and resolve your current needs.

We are building a matchmaking engine which will make your life even easier. We will connect requests with offers and you’ll have a solution to your need in your mailbox, in seconds. Moreover, our preferential system will highlight sustainable and green alternatives, while proposing circular economy options.

Matchmaking engine - Help'n'Trade - for consumers

matchmaking engine

Proximity - Help'n'Trade - for consumers

proximity matters

Our solution is all about connecting people locally. Why? While you need your pain to be resolved now, quick and cheap. Local service provider can do all that and much more. Local solution to your need supports local economy, strengths communities, benefits the environment and makes service providing sustainable.

Receiving services you need is great, but how about offering your own skills and goods? Ever wondered if there is a demand for your skills and goods? Do you have a hobby and would like to know if people like its products? On Help’n’Trade you can do just that! Try what makes you happy, before committing too many resources.

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entreprenreneurial environment