Help'n'Trade for businesses - we know what your pain is

Find new customers,

Getting new customers onboard is a lengthy and expensive process. Help’n’Trade can help you with your everyday challenge of finding new customers, locally.

for the least amount of money,

Usually, you need to invest up to 20% of your monthly income in a website, marketing and advertisement… but not with Help’n’Trade! Simply, put your offer on our application or send offers directly to people searching for your service.

while delivering expected quality

People can either approach your offer directly, or we match your offer with local requests. Either way, you save a ton of time and effort! Therefore, you can focus on what matters most, namely creating value for your customers.

For starting entrepreneurs - Help'n'Trade

Help'n'Trade helps your business locally

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dynamic marketplace

Respond to our users’ requests or offers in minutes. Negotiate the price transparently or give various options to your own offer. You have the freedom of a choice and how you conduct your business.

Preferential matchmaking

Our matchmaking prefers proximity, so that we support local economy, small businesses, but also to protect our environment. No need to travel for hours to your next client. Help’n’Trade helps your business locally!

local economy

Local economy is not driven by international businesses, but by thousands of business exchanges in shops, local markets and now digitally, every day. We are here to enable local suppliers like yourself to profit with our new digital channel, so that your local community keeps the greatest benefit of your hard work.  

how does it work?

marketplace for local services - Help'n'Trade - consumers

Market-place for services

Businesses can create short term negotiable offers, which serve as a direct customer acquisition channel. It delivers extra exposure with no marketing costs or need for a website. Plus, it is all localized on a map, therefore you can serve directly the market you choose to.

You can acquire customers through creating an offer or request. You can as well actively search for a fitting requests on a map. Additionally, we are building a matchmaking engine which will match your offer with requests on the map and inform you directly in your mailbox.

Matchmaking engine - Help'n'Trade - for consumers

matchmaking engine

Proximity - Help'n'Trade - for consumers

proximity matters

Our solution supports local communities and businesses interaction within their neighbourhoods. Therefore, place your offers where you know you can serve the market. You’ll save yourself a lot of travel time, but also you will do something for the environment. Moreover, your local community will also learn about your business and what you can offer to them.

For businesses, short term offers can serve to test the local market. See the demand for the new service, product or offering and to receive a feedback outside of friends and family. Try to offer your services via our application before you start spending money on website, marketing or campaigns. Help’n’Trade is the right platform for business such as yours!

entrepreneurial ecosystem - Help'n'Trade - for consumers

entreprenreneurial environment