Mental Fitness thanks to Resilience Agenda

Podcast episode #8 – Mental Fitness thanks to “Resilience Agenda” with Hadleigh Fischer

Hadleigh Fischer, the founder of Resilience Agenda, a startup based in Basel, has one question for you: “What do you do for your Mental Fitness?”. Most likely, you have to think for a minute before you remember the corporate work-life balance training you may have received and its bottom line: “eat well – sleep well”. But what do you actively do every day to strengthen your mental resilience?

What is Resilience Agenda about?

Hadleigh and his team want to make understanding and applying strategies to manage and improve mental health simple and hands-on tangible. Resilience Agenda inspires and empowers in such a powerful way, that it bypasses the awkwardness and stigma many feel talking about mental health. Besides Hadleigh being an advocate and a speaker for a change in the way we talk about mental health, Resilience Agenda creates also a set of tools for you, packaged in a diary/planer, which helps you with Mental Fitness every day.

Why is a Mental Fitness diary the perfect tool for you?

If you hear a motivating speech, you carry parts of if with you for a day at best and than you carry on in your life. With the Mental Fitness diary, you carry it around for 365 days a year and it speaks to you in different ways depending on what’s going on in your life at that moment …also, it’s more difficult to cancel a date with yourself written down in a diary than you may expect, which makes accomplishing goals more habitual.

Mental Fitness diary is not only a set of tools, it is also a great gift to share with people closest to you, as you’ll share a very clear message of “I care” through it.

Business side of Resilience Agenda

Resilience Agenda started about 3 years ago with a print of 2.000 copies of the Mental Fitness diary. Since than people and companies started to flock to Resilience Agenda as they recognize the value it brings. Now Hadleigh plans to print more than 20.000 copies for 2021. As you can imagine, creative process behind the Mental Fitness diary is a challenge of its own. But, scaling up the business, that it a whole different number. Especially, if you run your business out of Switzerland and your main market is in Australia.
What helps is to have a strong purpose of positive social impact and a will to see your vision through, as Hedleigh certainly does. Resilience Agenda wants to change the way we talk about mental health and other health issues. The evidence of their purpose is also their financial support of such initiatives.

Next steps

If you want to learn more about Resilience Agenda and Hadleigh, listen to our podcast episode. Also, follow Resilience Agenda via social media and become part of the movement, in which stigma of talking about mental health is a thing of a past:

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00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – What is Resilience Agenda about
03:05 – What made Hadleigh create Resilience Agenda
05:10 – Path to entrepreneurship
06:40 – Growth over the last 3 years
07:50 – Mental health changes over time
08:55 – Creative process behind the Mental Fitness diary
10:00 – Why is a diary such a great tool to build mental resilience
13:45 – Impact of cultural differences on the content creation
15:30 – Science behind the work of Resilience Agenda
18:30 – Cornerstones of Mental Fitness
20:00 – Current state of the business
22:00 – Resilience Agenda has a well defined “why”, “how” and “what”
23:40 – A great gift of “I care”
27:20 – Current challenges and challenges ahead
31:40 – Departing message

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