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Kristyna Brabcova, founder of Mental coaching Basel
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Podcast episode #2 – Mental coaching Basel with Kristyna Brabcova

In this episode Kristyna Brabcova, the founder of Mental coaching Basel explains how does her venture help her clients become stronger personalities and how can it help entrepreneurs altogether. Kristyna’s venture is using RUS method brought from Czech Republic. Using the RUS method rationalizes negative emotions, therefore improves clients perspective of past experiences. As a result, everyday situations which previously triggered a stressful reaction, change to neutral or even positive experience.

What are the real benefits?

Thanks to the change of the mindset and better understanding of their past, Kristyna offers very effective way how her clients can overcome any future challenges, but without the emotional struggle. Because of Kristyna’s work, her clients lose irrational fear, get more confident in their own capabilities and feel ready to tackle any problem with ease.

And the best part?

As Mental coaching Basel is very efficient and result oriented, you don’t need endless sessions, you don’t even need a face-time! According to Kristyna, first results are visible after just few hours and the sessions are also offered via Skype or Whatsapp. Therefore, the only requirement for successful transition is your willingness to achieve your own goals.

Your next steps

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00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – What is a RUS method
02:48 – You live through the consequences of the previous decisions
04:40 – Mental coaching Basel breaks you free from past negative experiences
05:50 – What brought Kristyna towards entrepreneurship
09:14 – Current state of the business
11:01 – Alternative methods
13:50 – Keep being positive and go for the achievement
15:25 – Be honest with yourself
17:55 – One session of mental coaching can be sufficient if you focus on the real problem
20:40 – Great value for entrepreneurs
23:30 – With Help’n’Trade joining forces with other entrepreneurs to help more people
27:49 – Reach out to us

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