Interview with Hakim Ouake – Co-Founder & CTO of Help’n’Trade

Hakim Ouake - Help'n'Trade

Technology that divides us and makes us less human, is the same technology we use to bring people back together, locally, but on a global scale.

I build Help’n’Trade to help people connect in their local communities!”

Hakim Ouake – Help’n’Trade

Where are you from and what is your path until Help’n’Trade?

I am from Benin, West Africa. I learned coding when I was in high school, I wanted to create videogames! Ever since high school I’ve been coding various projects for fun, until I have started to work.

My first working experience came with a startup called Pikiz. We wanted to create an online image editor that was easy to use for people without any technical background. After three years, I moved on to try others things. I worked as consultant for various projects and with some entrepreneurs around the world. Later on, when I was in a role of a backend developer for a startup called Novelship in Singapour, I decide to take a break for a little while. I did so, after I finished one more project for another Swiss based Startup, called Enloya. Right after my break, I started with Help’n’Trade.

How and why did you join Help’n’Trade?

While on a break I was recommended to Stefan, who connected with me right away and my gears started to turn when I heard about Help’n’Trade and the overall vision. On the spot, I decided to help Stefan with his project… and here I am, happy and coding an awesome product. As to the “WHY” part, for many reasons actually. The most important one for me, is the idea of Help’n’trade itself. To build something so awesome and useful and the challenge that it represents were enough to get onboard for this adventure. A big plus is definitely Stefan himself. It looked and does feel awesome to work with him.

What do you like the most about Help’n’Trade?

The fact that we will be able to impact the world by empowering local businesses, community and bring people together, it is really awesome! It’s also a noble cause for me.

Where do you see the greatest value and how do you contribute to it?

The greatest value currently is regarding local economy. We can really allow small and local businesses to grow in their own environment with great tools that were otherwise useful for internet business only. We’ll change that and we’ll make sure, local businesses will not “barely survive”, but that they’ll flourish in the digital age.

I am in charge of creating the platform, therefore I make sure, Help’n’Trade application fits the best way possible to the businesses needs and the entrepreneurs mind, while making sure consumers have an easy life using our application as well.

What can you offer to the world yourself and with Help’n’Trade?

I love creating stuff that have an impact on everyone’s daily life. I can do that with Help’n’Trade. Offering a set of tools to keep people together, improve social links, help local economy grow, make people happy, take care of the environment… I love it!

What makes you a great teammate?

I am easy to deal with xD. I don’t have any issue talking to people, I love fun, hard work and help others improve themselves. I think people can rely on me and I make sure that I am available for them.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Getting users onboard, getting feedback from them and have happy customers. That will be the best thing for me. To know, that you have created something that is not only useful to them, but also something our users will love and engage with every day. I am very much looking forward to this!

Where do you see yourself in few years?

I don’t really know. For now, I want to make Help’n’Trade one of the best products in the world and I will take the time for it. After that I may go pursue new challenges with Help’n’Trade, or with something else. I am more concerned in the present than the future itself 🙂

Departing words?

Close your eyes, imagine a great future with more happy people, more sustainable future. Imagine, being the one making that future a reality. If you feel excited by this sensation, then you need to come to Help’n’Trade!