Interview with Filip Popescu – Sustainability Ambassador at Help’n’Trade

Filip Ppopescu - Help'n'Trade

I want to see sustainability become second nature to people’s behavior and to businesses’ practices.”

Filip Popescu – Help’n’Trade

Where are you from and what is your path until Help’n’Trade?

Born in Romania, with an 11-year detour in Canada where I studied and worked (and became a citizen); have been living in Switzerland since 2019.
I am a Chemist with experience in Academic R&D. After many years in this I decided to refocus on a path dedicated to Sustainability. I worked as an Environmental Scientist and as a Project Manager for various endeavours supporting numerous Sustainable Development Goals.
I found Help’n’Trade through research on Sustainability focused projects – other opportunities where my contributions may be valuable.

How and why did you join Help’n’Trade?

I found myself attracted to the values that HnT is supporting. I know that local marketplaces systems are successful in other parts of the world, so I was happy to see this endeavour taking place in Switzerland as well. I reached out to Help’n’Trade through their website with the goal of building upon and communicating on their Sustainability infrastructure.

What do you like the most about Help’n’Trade?

Help’n’Trade’s platform offers a wide range of benefits for local marketplaces all in a simple system. I see many local businesses able to take advantage of it without needing knowledge on setting up online stores or even on website building. Plus, it can also bring communities closer together through service exchange, supporting upcycling and circularity principles. Also, no downloads are required.

Where do you see the greatest value and how do you contribute to it?

People need to see and understand how their contributions to local economies and to their own neighbourhoods bring value to the broader sustainable development goals. SMEs can thrive, consumerism can become mindful, and communities can become closer together. I want to communicate the contributions that users of Help’n’Trade bring to these values, and to raise awareness.

What can you offer to the world yourself and with Help’n’Trade?

I want to encourage neighbourhood empathy and support for local businesses and exchanges. My driving motto is “prosperity for posterity”, and best way to spread this message is to start local. Beyond that, I want to bring visibility to people’s actions towards sustainability, from personal/business CO2 accounting to impact towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

What makes you a great teammate?

I’m highly empathetic, which means I am sensitive to people’s emotions and needs. This results in me being able to get along with various types of people. I keep an optimistic perspective and try to find opportunities in every situation. More importantly, I am a constant learner; everyone has something to teach.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I want to see sustainability become second nature to people’s behavior and to businesses’ practices.

Where do you see yourself in few years?

Developing sustainable systems for various materials being used daily, using circular principles. I want to use my Materials Science background effectively while contributing to circular economies. I strongly believe that Circularity is one of the most important ways forward.

Departing words?

Do it! If you value community development, small to medium businesses, and trading services, then it’s a no-brainer.