Interview with Alina Biryuchinskaya -UX designer of Help’n’Trade

Alina - Help'n'Trade

“When you need a product or a service, you want it here and now. Cost is your only concern, environment is not.

I design Help’n’Trade to decrease environmental impact of our everyday decisions!”

Alina Biryuchinskaya – Help’n’Trade

Where are you from and what is your path until Help’n’Trade?

Hi, my name is Alina. I am an international marketing specialist and an aspiring UX designer from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. 

I’ve started my international experience as an AIESEC volunteer. Since 2013 I’ve travelled to 15 countries. Lived, studied and worked in 5 of them (Russia, Sweden, Hungary, China and now Germany). 

Last 4 years I’ve been working in different international cross-departmental operations teams (content marketing, project management, UX writing, technical support) before I discovered my passion as a UX designer and joined Help’n’Trade.

How and why did you join Help’n’Trade?

Haha, I think it all started with a single invitation letter to a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry! But jokes aside, right after finishing my MA in International Marketing, Corona happened. I was on a lock-down in a small German town, without a stable job, trying to fight anxiety and rethinking my plans for the future. After some freelancing, research and self-studying, I became immersed in everything related to user experience design.

Summer 2020, I remember exchanging a few words with Stefan (we were colleagues at Accenture) and hearing about his newly established startup Help’n’Trade. I loved the idea, took some time to go through the application and website and wrote Stefan my honest feedback. Little I knew that it was a small step towards something big and exciting!

What do you like the most about Help’n’Trade?

First of all, thanks to Help’n’Trade I was able to make a career shift and start growing into a UX designer. 

I love our diversity. We are a team of different genders, backgrounds and looks, united by similar beliefs and passions. We are on the same wavelengths, and there is lots of creativity and go-getter mentality. My tasks never become mundane, and I feel as I grow with Help’n’Trade. 

I also think that it’s due to our supportive and „it’s ok to make mistakes“ working attitude, that I am not afraid to approach my teammates in times of doubt or when I want to experiment with the designs.

Where do you see the greatest value and how do you contribute to it?

I think it is definitely in supporting the local community and being discoverable. On Help’n’Trade web-application, neighbours and small local businesses can find and help each other in monetary and non-monetary ways. 

You can not only create a virtual store or individual quote for your service but also connect with neighbours, discover what is around you and so much more!

As a user experience designer, I design the structure and user journey of the Help’n’Trade application, based on the user data. I am also responsible for everything visual. My goal is to create an intuitive application that meets users needs and makes them happy. 🙂

What can you offer to the world yourself and with Help’n’Trade?

I am a people person. I like being an agent of positive change. I enjoy creating and emotionally connecting people with other people, helping them solve their “pains” and finding exciting experiences.

What makes you a great team mate?

I am creative, and I can speak my mind, bring ideas to the table and visually communicate them. I am empathetic, I respect and believe in my teammates and I try my best to be always there for them. 

And I am a bit of a geek. So we can joke about the same geeky stuff in our team, haha.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I am excited to see Help’n’Trade go live! I believe that our application will fuel the local economy and support those in need during these difficult times.

Where do you see yourself in few years?

I am an adventurer at heart, so I can easily imagine myself on another continent discovering new passions and learning new things. Professionally I would love to continue growing as a UX designer and being part of Help’n’Trade.

Departing words?

If you are a self-starter, passionate to help people. If you have the drive to challenge your skills and learn daily. If you‘d love to be part of a friendly, supporting an international team, that appreciates and rewards your hard work. If you are geeky enough to withstand our Star Wars and other fantasy movies references – then what are you waiting for? Apply and be part of an exciting project!

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