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Before you start your first trade

Why do you need it?

For your own convenience really. We do not gather or store data of your position, we just enable the application to shift the trading map to your approximate location and we sort the trades in accordance with your proximity to them (starting with the closest ones to you).
Notifications on the other hand, will help you be in touch with what is happening with your trade. We’ll notify you if things change or progress…. so really, it is for your own convenience and leisure.

Enable geolocation and notifications when first visiting the application

When you first come to our application, you’ll be asked to enable notifications. Therefore click on “enable”. If your GPS is on, you’ll be also asked to enable your location so the trading map can shift towards your approximate position, click on .

Enable geolocation and notifications if you initially disabled them. 

In a case you first clicked on “do not allow” when you were asked to enable notifications and location, but now you would like to have those functionalities back again:

On your phone:

  • Turn on your GPS location via your mobile phone settings.
  • click on the “lock” symbol, which is on the left of the URL address (https://helpntrade.com) in your browser and click on “Site settings” to enable geolocation and notifications.

On your desktop:

  • when prompted by a pop-up, click “Allow” to both: notifications and geolocation.
Settings for use of help'n'trade application
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Sign in / Log in

When on a trading map, you can sign in clicking in the top left “log in” button. Alternatively, you can also just explore the application and you’ll be prompted to sign in / log in before you can show interest on a trade, or when creating a trade. 

You can sign in using your Google or Facebook account. Do not forget to read through our “Privacy Policies” and our “Terms of Service” before you click both check boxes.

Please be aware, that we do not enable merging of each of the social media accounts. Each social media account you use, has its own Help’n’Trade account associated with it. We also store your preferences when you initially sign in, therefore you won’t be bothered by the check boxes for cookies or our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, unless you delete your browser data.

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The trading map

The main page of our application is the “trading map”. From here you can explore your area and interact with the trades as well as with the application. You can zoom in/out with your fingers or use a mouse-wheel. The trades will be displayed in 3 different colors:

  • Blue > Trades of other users open for interaction
  • Yellow > Trades you created
  • Red > Trades you showed interest to
When you click on one of the trades, a small preview opens, which gives you the main information about the trade. If it interests you, click on “see the details” link to see all information and to show interest in trading with the Tradee.
  • In the top left corner is a “?” button which will lead you to our “How to” page, where you are currently now as well with all the information about our application.
  • In the search window you may input Zip code or a name of a city to explore specific areas of your interest.
  • In the bottom you have a ribbon for the main navigation. Here you can access (from left to right):
    1. “Home button” – back to the trading map
    2. “List of trades” button – Trades on the map organised as in list
    3. “Create a trade” button – Button to create a trade
    4. “Notifications” button – notifications in the past 48 hours
    5. “Messages” button – overview of your messages
Trading map on help'n'trade
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The second button in the bottom ribbon is to display the trades in the trading map as a “list of trades”. If you enabled geolocation, the trades will be sorted from the closest trades to your approximate position to the furthest away from you. You can quickly distinguish between the “trades you created”, you “showed interest to” and the “open trades”. Also the list gives you a quick overview about the trades, specifically:

  • Where is it on a map
  • Title of the trade
  • Tradees offer
  • Tradees info
  • Start date of the trade
  • Distance from you on the trading map
Click on “see the details” to see all the information about the trade and to interact with the trade.
List of trades on Help'n'Trade
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The list of notifications displays notifications of the past 48 hours. These are sorted from the most recent in the top to the least recent in the bottom. The notifications are added progressively as things happen with your trades. Clicking on a notification will bring you right into the specific trade so you have an easy way navigating around.

List of notifications on Help'n'Trade
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Messaging is a direct channel between Helper and Tradee only.
While messaging you can see what is being traded and you have access to the profile of Tradee/Helper you are messaging with. You can message the other user only as long as your trade is active. Once the trade is closed you won’t be able to write each other any longer.

As a Tradee
If you create a trade, you are allowed to message only users who show interest in your trade (Helpers).

As a Helper
If you show interest to a trade, you are allowed to message the Tradee, but you can’t message other Helpers interested in the same trade. Also you can’t spontaneously message other users.

Messaging on Help'n'trade
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To access profile, click on your picture on the trading map (previously log in button). In you profile, you can write a short description of yourself via clicking on a sign next to “Bio” and access following info:

  • Your bio – use it to describe yourself shortly
  • Trades you created – list of trades you created and their short overview with status
  • Trades you showed interest to – list of trades you showed interest to and their short overview with status
  • Reviews received – list of feedbacks and ratings your received for trading with other users
  • Reviews given – list of feedbacks and ratings you gave to other users for trading with you.
  • Settings button – displays your personal information and options
  • Logout button – click to log out of the application
Profile of a user on Help'n'Trade
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Creating and editing a trade

Click on the big “+” button in the bottom of your screen to create a trade. The core of a trade is you requesting something (goods or services) and you offering something in exchange for fulfilling your request. In order to create a trade you need to fill out the following information:

  • Title – use it to name your trade – minimum 4 signs are required
  • Description  – use it to share all the necessary information about the trade
  • Address – the precise address is necessary for us to anonymize it and than to position your trade on the map. The precise address will be shared only with the Helper you choose and who confirms their participation.
  • Start date – use it to define a date when is the trade happening – must be a future date
  • End date – use it to define a date when is the trade ending – must be a future date
  • Your offer – define at least one option weather it is your service, goods or money
  • Checkbox – make sure your trade is withing the frame of legal activities on our platform, or it will be deleted and you will be banned.

Push the “PUBLISH TRADE” button to publish your trade.
If anything is missing, we´ll let you know with a little underlying message and a nice colorful hint.

Creating a trade on Help'n'Trade
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When you create a trade you are able to adjust all the information if you click on the “edit” button in the right corner (the grey one). You can also delete your trade when clicking on the “trash” button in the top right corner.

Trade details and editing the trade on Help'n'Trade
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Interacting with a trade

When you open trade details, the very first which strikes your eye is the “Action for you” field. It is our way of encouraging you and communicating with you:
  • Your progress
  • Your options
  • Expectation for the next steps
  • Deadlines
  • The status of the trade
It changes immediately according to your actions, so be sure to check it out regularly.
Trade details and Action for you on Help'n'Trade
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When you create a trade, you need to wait for Helpers to show interest in your trade. In the meantime you can spread the word in your network of friends, family, etc. In the future we’ll introduce the possibility of sharing your trade via social media as well to reach out to your network easier.

In this view you may:

  • Scroll through Helpers requests,
  • Check Helpers profiles via click on Helpers’ name
  • Contact Helper directly via “chat” button and discuss details of the trade
  • Or accept one of the Helpers straightaway via clicking on a “Accept” button next to Helper’s offer.

If you agree on a different conditions through messaging, don’t forget to update the information of your trade. This way other Helpers can react to your trade better and can act accordingly (for example compete with each other to get your trade).

Trades details - tradees view on Help'n'Trade
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When you see a trade which interests you, check its details. In the details view, you can:

  • See all the information about the trade.
  • See other Helpers interested in the trade and what they request
  • See the trade on a map
  • Tradees profile summary via click on the “About the Tradee” button in the top right corner
  • Negotiate the trade and show interest (see the next point, “Negotiating a trade”)

The precise address of the trade and contact details on the Tradee will be shared with you only after you confirm your participation in later stage of the trade.

Trades details - Helpers view on Help'n'Trade
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Negotiating a trade

When creating a trade you have 3 options to offer something in exchange. 2 fields to define value of goods or services and 1 field to define a monetary value. At least one of the fields has to be defined. 
You can always change what you offer in exchange, until you you pick a Helper whose request suits you the best. Once you pick a Helper, you can´t change the information in the trade.

When you find a trade which suits you the best and you are ready to trade with the Tradee, you can:

  • Accept one of the options to receive from Tradee in exchange for your goods/services
  • Request something else via clicking on “custom” option.

When you request something else it can be anything you want (goods, services, money), giving you the flexibility to negotiate with Tradee. When you define what do you request, click on “show interest” button. 

Your request will be displayed on the trade for Tradee and other Helpers to see. 
You can always change your requested value as long as Helper did not pick you as the one Helper to deliver the trade. Therefore you can compete with other Helpers transparently and fairly.

Negotiating a trade on Help'n'Trade
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Confirming the trade

When you accept a Helper we’ll display a pop-up where you need to confirm that you agree with the conditions of the trade, the “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policies” of Help’n’Trade.

Additionally you can give Helper certain amount of time to confirm his/her participation in the trade. Maximum 24 hours.

When you are ready to confirm the Helper, click on the button “Accept Offer”. We’ll notify the Helper about the remaining time to confirm the participation in the trade. In the details of the trade, you’ll see the remaining time for Helper to confirm the participation. If Helper refuses or does not confirm the participation in the trade, the trade is open again and you can pick another Helper.

Confirming a Helper on Help'n'Trade
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When Tradee accepts you as the “one” Helper to deliver the trade, you’ll be given certain time to confirm your participation, but maximum 24 hours. We’ll inform you via notification and “Action for you” as well as in the trade details itself.

When confirming your participation a pop up will be displayed where you need to confirm that you agree with the conditions of the trade, the “Privacy Policies” and the “Terms of Service” of Help’n’Trade.

Once you confirm your participation, we’ll share with you the precise address of the trade, but not before. Now you just have to wait for the day and time of the delivery.

Confirming participation on a trade as a Helper on Help'n'Trade
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Closing the trade

When Helper confirms the participation in the trade. Tradee and Helper will be displayed a timer in the “Action for you!” drop-down.
On the day of the delivery, please confirm that the trade is done via clicking on a “Confirm help received” as a Tradee and “Confirm help delivered” as a Helper. 

When you click on “Confirm help received” as a Tradee or”Confirm help delivered” as a Helper a pop up will appear to give a feedback to the other participant of the trade. The feedback is obligatory and you have to assess Helper or a Tradee in 3 categories: 

Quality – describe how satisfied were you with the quality of the delivery
Price – describe how satisfied were you with the value of whatever you exchanged between each other compared to the quality of the delivery?
Reliability – describe how reliably went the trade between you two?

The feedback is finished only after you write a short feedback as well. It is essential for other users and to establish trust between the users. Your feedback is going to be really helpful so please take it seriously.

Closing the deal on Help'n'Trade
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Any questions? Check our FAQ section, drop us an e-mail...

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