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Podcast episode #18 – How to recognize opportunities with Konstantinos Giannoukos from “Train Your Pulse”

In this episode of Help‘n’Trade podcast Konstantinos Giannoukos introduces his venture “Train Your Pulse”. With Konstantinos background in finances and IT, Konstantinos could have picked up any idea on the market and execute it to success. Yet, Konstantinos decided to create a customer relationship management (CRM) system for fitness and wellness industry. The story behind “Train Your Pulse” is about recognizing opportunities, where others see challenges.

Train Your Pulse and why it matters

Train Your Pulse is a mobile application which enables fitness and wellness owners to manage their clients and to deliver transparency on various levels. For example, as a client of a gym, you can see the current program and subscribe to individual courses of your choice. Gym owner on the other hand, can plan better the schedule and the gym capacity. Moreover, because it is a CRM system, it helps growing the business through a direct communication and many other features.

How to recognize opportunities

As Konstantinos sums it up nicely: “You need to start with your client and his pain points.” It is a reoccurring theme of entrepreneurship. Instead of creating a product and then trying to find the market for it, your goal should be to solve a problem with your product first. Same applies during the crisis as we have these days. Because of the lockdown, there are new challenges your clients face. Yet, If you can solve them, you may just tap into a new opportunity, creating additional value for your clients.

Next steps

Everyone has an idea they think is good, but you won’t know the truth unless you try it. Crete your offer on Help’n’Trade and see if the market wants your idea, if there is a demand for your service, if there is an opportunity on the market. Alternatively, look around via our application and see what others are offering. Maybe there is an opportunity for you to grab. Maybe someone has a great offer you won’t want to miss.

Help’n’Trade mobile application is the perfect place to start your venture, to recognize opportunities and test your ideas. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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Chapters of our podcast

00:45 – Introduction Konstantinos
01:30 – What is “Train Your Pulse” about?
03:30 – Competitors in CRM systems for fitness and wellness
05:15 – Clients of Train Your Pulse and challenges according to clients location
06:10 – Advantages of Train Your Pulse
07:50 – Opportunities to grow during the crisis outbreak
11:15 – Continuos value delivery as a key factor to keep clients loyalty even during crisis
14:50 – How to recognize opportunities and how to filter the right opportunities to follow
18:00 – Question viability and prove it with skills in the team
18:50 – You also need to be in love with the industry and the niche you tackle
20:10 – Greatest potential for fitness and wellness CRM system
21:45 – Team behind Train Your Pulse
23:00 – Strategy to gain new clients
24:30 – Current need for support and the gap in the team
25:30 – Vision of Konstantinos and his departing message
26:50 – Departing messages and where to reach us

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