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Podcast episode #11 – How to become a (freelance) writer with a novelist and a freelance writer Karin Mohler

Karin Mohler was a full time mum at home just a year ago, but now she has a finished manuscript. How did Karin manage to do it? In this episode of our podcast, Karin shared her experience on becoming a writer. To give a simple answer: Karin found a framework which made her finish her book. On top, Karin created supporting groups for like minded people who wanted to succeed in creative writing.

Framework to finish what you started

The most important rule is: “write everyday!” even if it is just 100 words. 100 words a day is a half of an average novel in a year, I bet you did not know that.
What also helps is joining a group of like minded people and support each other in the process of writing. Karin has created such a group herself. You can join her groups here:
Facebook: @Karin Ruth Mohler
Instagram: @KarinWantsAnAppleTree

Every starting author, of course, has to find his or her own way of going on. Yet, if you are a starting author and are just getting into writing, following few rules is maybe not a bad idea.

3 simple rules to follow to become a writer

Start with an absolut simple idea. The greatest books of all time can be summarized into one sentence and so can your work as well.
Secondly, write your characters down and everything about them as the story progresses. It will help you keep an overview, make characters unique and prevent plot holes.
Thirdly, keep an open mind to a change. First manuscript is not a finished book, besides who knows where your creativity will shift the story line to?

Next steps

Karin makes one thing about how to become a writer very clear. That one big dream you had: “I always wanted to write a book” is manageable and less hard to accomplish than you may think.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:26 – The path to professional writing
03:37 – From a hobby to writing a book
05:00 – What do you need to start writing
07:00 – Writing group is a great way to get motivated
08:45 – How to write a book
10:55 – It starts with a simple easily understandable idea
12:45 – How to find the best set up for you to finish what you started
14:30 – Keep an open mind to change and adapt
15:30 – Write a list of characters and their individual storylines
17:20 – The cycle of writing and reviewing
18:30 – Shortcut and challenges of publishing
21:30 – Everyone wants to write a book
22:30 – Departing remarks

novelist and freelance writer
Karin Mohler

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Thomas Jedelhauser

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