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Nothing for consumers, 45 a month for businesses

Currently we are in a learning phase and therefore need feedback more than money. Please let us know how can we improve our application, it will help us greatly. Use any social media channel or drop us a message. We’ll greatly appreciate it!

We have a list of illicit activities on our application.

In a case someone creates a trade which is illicit or against our policies, we’ll step in. Creating such trades may lead to users life ban from the app. The list of illicit activities can be accessed here

Smart design, processes and IT infastructure.

For example, we ask for information which are publicly available or we are legaly obliged to request or consumers need do for transparency. For example we do not display the tel. number of the business until consumer orders products or the final quote for service providing is sent. display users full name. If you’d like to learn more about our data privacy standards, you can read our privacy policies here or just ask us.

Because your choices matter, have an impact, but we want it to be solely positive.

We want to make sure businesses of our parents not only survive but strive in the 21st century. We also want to make sure that your desire for goods and services helps your community and does not harm the environment, but the exact the opposite. This is why Help’n’Trade exists.

Three words: environment, economy, community.

For example, your painter doesn’t have to travel across the whole country to paint your room. Therefore she/he spends less time on the route, creating less emissions overall. Less travel means also more time to deliver high quality work. Additionally, spending time with neighbors increases the feeling of belonging and integration in society. Also, it decreases social gaps, which is really needed these days. Furthermore, arguably, there is nothing better for economy than people engaging in local entrepreneurship. 

Categories can help yet are restrictive. 

Certain services are easy to categorize, some less so. Imagine you want to offer services as a dog walker. How would you categorize it? We want to come up with a solution where categories are redundant. We are still working on it and it may take a while before we have a clean solution. Therefore, we’d like to ask you to be patient and be curious enough to explore your neighborhood without the filtering option. Who knows, maybe you’ll find it more engaging than expected.

We are working on it and it will be likely done in 6 months.

In fact we have a student in a team whose bachelor thesis is on measuring positive impact on local communities, now that is a commitment to deliver good impact measurement. Stay tuned to learn more.

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