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What is the pricing or how much does it cost?


Currently we are in a learning phase and therefore need feedback more than money. Please let us know how can we improve our application, it will help us greatly. Use any social media channel or drop us a message. We’ll greatly appreciate it!

Is it legal to pay for services with my own skills?


Among private users its perfectly fine to teach your neighbor Spanish in exchange for pet sitting. 
However, businesses by law are required to accept money only. Otherwise it could create an unfair competition. Therefore, on our application we distinguish private and business users.

What are some restrictions on Help’n’Trad?

We have a list of illicit activities on our application.

In a case someone creates a trade which is illicit or against our policies, we’ll step in. Creating such trades may lead to users life ban from the app. The list of illicit activities can be accessed here

How do you protect users privacy?

For example, we do not display the precise address where the trade takes place until both involved users confirm their participation. Beforehand, it is an anonymized location. Also we do not display users full name. Only first name and the initial letter of the second name. If you’d like to learn more about our data privacy standards, you can read our privacy policies here or just ask us. 

Why bother creating an app for local exchange of “everything”?

Because freedom is your essential right.

It is our core believe that you should always have a choice. What choices are we talking about? Whether you want a professional service or you’d like to ask you neighbor. Whether you’d like to earn your living with an employment or try your chances with your own skills as an entrepreneur. Whether you want to become part of local community or live anonymously. With our application, you have a freedom to choose.

Why does everything have to be local?

Three words: environment, economy, community.

For example, your painter doesn’t have to travel across the whole country to paint your room. Therefore she/he spends less time on the route, creating less emissions overall. Less travel means also more time to deliver high quality work. Additionally, spending time with neighbors increases the feeling of belonging and integration in society. Also, it decreases social gaps, which is really needed these days. Furthermore, arguably, there is nothing better for economy than people engaging in entrepreneurship. 

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Privacy notice:

We keep your data private. Read our privacy policies.