F(requently) A(sked) Q(uestions)​

Help’n’Trade is currently completely free. We are in an OpenBeta phase, therefore we are trying to learn from our users and potential users as much as we can. Therefore we only ask for your feedback and to let us know your thoughts and feelings about Help’n’Trade mobile web application. For more information check our pricing page.

Tradee is any Help’n’Trade user who creates a Trade and offers something in exchange.

Helper is any Help’n’Trade user who shows interest in a trade created by other user (Tradee).

Yes! The definition of “Helper” and “Tradee” is in regard to the individual trade. You can create a trade (which makes you a Tradee) and simultaneously take part in other users’ trade (which makes you a Helper).

Peer-to-peer platforms provide trust via feedback among its users. Help’n’Trade provides trust between the users via:

  • clear processes,
  • Help’n’Trade terms and conditions applying to both parties
  • and obligatory feedback.
  • Additionally, Help’n’Trade requires connection to a social media, which acts as identity providers.

Help’n’Trade expectation is that most of the C2C handling will happen face-to-face which does encourage trustworthy behavior among the users. Similarly, in the case of B2C and B2B the companies have a reputation to protect therefore trustworthy behavior is a must.

New users lack feedback, which is a common challenge.
To present yourself better, add information under your profile > bio. Additionally, try to engage in simpler trades which may get you a good review faster.

Help’n’Trade will in the future enable its users to link their profile from other platforms where the users already have an established reputation. This way new users will not lack a feedback and will be trustworthy trade partners from the very beginning of their activity on our platform.

Helpers are free to cancel their participation at any point of time in the process.

However, if Helper confirms he/she will deliver the value of the trade and then cancels the participation, the “punishment” is a voluntary feedback from Tradee to Helper. In this case the event is automatically reopen and the Tradee can choose another Helper from the list of Helpers interested in the trade.

In the future, if Tradee provides money to the platform, it is kept by the platform until the Tradee finds another Helper, or he/she cancels the event, in which case the money provided to Help’n’Trade will be reimbursed.

Help’n’Trade acts as a trustworthy connector between its users supporting the Tradee in a search for a Helper.

Help’n’Trade process requires Tradee to confirm our Terms of Service before proceeding with the trade.

If the value of the offer is not monetary and the Tradee does not deliver the value of the offer, then the Helper may provide appropriate negative feedback via the platform, which impacts any future trust towards this specific user.

In the future releases we’ll also roll out means how to exchange monetary funds via the platform, keeping them safe until the trade is closed and using them as a leverage for both parties to deliver their part of the deal. Additionally, we’ll also implement a dispute center to regulate and monitor users’ misbehavior, making sure everyone is transparent and delivers their part of the deal. 

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