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Podcast episode #17 – Sustainable future thanks to “College For A Better World” with Russell Jones

Russell Jones is an entrepreneur in Basel, Switzerland. Russel’s mission is to provide you with tools to be a change maker and make a sustainable future a reality. Therefore, Russell founded College For A Better World, which is a marketplace for sustainable education. In this podcast, Russell shares his vision and how is his vision coming to life. Also, Russell presents a very different understanding of the value of education, but also what needs to be done, if we ever want to achieve sustainability.

College For A Better World

There are several issues with the current way of studying higher levels of education. A ) You can’t take your credits between universities. B) Also, learning materials are often dehumanized. Meaning they don’t make you think in a sustainable way. C) Moreover, courses are without applicability to the real world problems. This is especially problematic for courses on sustainability.
College For A Better World is an online platform, where a credited institute like university can offer its programs and courses. In exchange for completion you are given educational credits and eventually a degree.
The difference comes in the “lego” model and the common manifesto. Unbundling of courses enables you to combine various courses from different institutes throughout various universities. On the other hand, manifesto ensures the common value. Namely: “Create environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet”.

The future of education

Online platforms are becoming an established channel for continuous education. They are widely available to a broad audience and for a fracture of the cost. What is often missing in remote education though, is the human aspect. People are social beings and strive for a contact with others. Yet, current crisis promoting alternative communication channels and further development in technology may take even this barrier away. Certainly, this would make College For A Better World the most prominent place to unlearn “the old ways” of traditional education and learn “the new ways” on how to make our future sustainable.

Next steps with Help’n’Trade

Everyone wants a sustainable future and Help’n’Trade mobile application can help you be a part of it! On our application you can create local offers or request services, goods and skills locally. Therefore protecting environment, while becoming a part of the community. Exchange ideas, skills and goods and be part of the local circular economy with the help of Help’n’Trade.

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Audio chapters

00:35 – Introduction Russell
01:10 – Russell’s path before entrepreneurship
04:10 – Education and opportunities in the industry
05:40 – Birth of future generation educational platform
07:00 – Education as a “lego” of various courses
08:20 – What are the needs of education industry
09:30 – College For A Better World
11:35 – Courses are focused on the human side and applicability
12:30 – Aim at environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence
13:50 – The courses and programs are provided by credited institutions like universities
15:30 – The real value college for better world provides
17:00 – “” gives educators or subject matter experts a platform to start teaching
18:40 – The future of education
21:30 – Humanization of digital interaction
23:20 – Support which Russell currently seeks
24:30 – How to reach out to Russell
25:30 – Departing words

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