An introvert entrepreneur – how to start your venture successfully

An introvert entrepreneur - how to start your venture with Juliette Fong
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Podcast episode #23 – An introvert entrepreneur – how to start your venture successfully with Juliette Fong a portrait photographer

Entrepreneurship does not sound like an obvious choice for an introvert person. Juliette Fong, an introvert entrepreneur, proves this statement to be wrong. In the episode 23, Juliette presents her ventures in portrait photography, website building, video production and other fascinating projects. Therefore we decided to have a look and present a way to be an entrepreneur as an introvert and take an example from Juliette’s path so far.

How did Juliette start her journey towards entrepreneurship?

Juliette always had a passion for photography and as many others, Juliette wanted to be her own director. First foothold in entrepreneurship was website building, which Juliette started as a side project to her normal everyday life. Juliette soon realized, her clients needed a proper portrait picture for their website, which brought back the passion for portrait photography. However, Juliette felt the need to take things slower, learn the skill through various courses first. Experiment, but take care of her other responsibilities, like family, was Juliette’s priority.

Benefits of being an introvert entrepreneur

Succeeding in business requires actively listening to people and understanding how to solve the problem. Introverts are by nature good listeners and if you take time to really get to the core of peoples’ needs, you will set up yourself for a great start ahead.

Additionally, introverts are great in mastering relationships. Take an example of Juliette, who after her success in portrait photography decided to build upon the gained trust and established additional businesses with a body language expert and an expert in art history and business strategy. Thanks to her nature, Juliette can now offer additional value for her clients, while building trustful and long-lasting relationships.

Why entrepreneurship is a good idea for introverts?

The oversimplified picture of an introvert is a person that is shy, prefers time alone to recharge batteries and gets frustrated by a crowd of people knocking on the door with deadlines, responsibilities requirements, etc.
Being an entrepreneur means, you are your own boss, your own director and you yourself dictate what happens next. Entrepreneurship may just be the best way forward if you feel like Juliette and want to start something fulfilling.
Furthermore, embracing your weaknesses may just be your greatest asset. Again, let us take an example from Juliette. Juliette knows constant networking is not an option for her to promote her business. Therefore, she decided to create learning videos instead. Why? Because, learning videos:

– can be done in a small setup and with restricted budget,
– offers a great way to establish yourself as an authority on a given topic,
– enables you to connect with a broad variety of people,
– serves as an additional revenue stream for your business,
– but most importantly, it let’s you be yourself.

Your next steps

As Juliette put it: “Not all the entrepreneurs are the same and not all entrepreneurs follow the same formula or set of goals defining own success”. Therefore, don’t think about it twice, you can always end it and its not for eternity, just give it a try.

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    Of course not. If you re an introvert, you have your own strengths and weaknesses; and while you may have some extra challenges to overcome in business ownership, you ll also have some extra advantages — if you know how to use them.

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