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Help’n’Trade podcast we create is here to inspire you to transition towards entrepreneurship. You can listen to people who made that step a reality, their experience, what they learned and why they did so. Everyone who wants to build their own business is going through hard times and everyone has a story to tell. So get inspired, learn and make your dream come true. While you on it you can read our blog or check our meetup for starting entrepreneurs.

Where to listen to us

Just type Help’n’Trade into your favorite podcasting platform or simply click on one of these:

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Want to start your entrepreneurial journey right away?

Help’n’Trade podcast is but one of our efforts to introduce you to entrepreneurship. We are also building an application where you can create your own offers, enabling you a direct start into entrepreneurship. Wherever you are or whatever you want to pursue as an opportunity, we got you covered. 

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