our vision

We make sustainability not a choice but part of your everyday life.

our mission

We build a world class marketplace for local small businesses and consumers, where supply meets demand locally. We build solutions so that we can help local economy, communities and the environment.

About us - Help'n'Trade

about us

Help’n’Trade is a technology startup, which builds next generation marketplace application for small local businesses and consumers.

On Help’n’Trade, business owners can open local e-shops with few clicks, become discoverable in a chosen location and sell their services directly to customers. On the other hand, as a consumer you have a choice to purchase a service from a professional service provider, or you ask for help your neighbor and exchange skills, goods and services in the process.

Help’n’Trade marketplace for “everything local” helps the local economy, fuels local communities and helps the environment through C02 emission reduction.

our core team

Alina - Help'n'Trade

Alina Biryuchinskaya

UX Design

a.k.a. "UX Queen"
Hakim Ouake - Help'n'Trade

Hakim Ouake


a.k.a. "IT Emperor"
Stefan Kuruc - Help'n'Trade

Stefan Kuruc


a.k.a. "Founding Princess"
Help'n'Trade - job application!


a.k.a "Sales Chieftan/-ess"

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Interested in joining our team? Tell us what are your competences, what drives you to join us and let’s catch up!

Help'n'Trade - job application!


a.k.a. "Marketing Raja/Rani"
Help'n'Trade - job application!

Branding & Design

a.k.a. "Fashion Duke/-chess"
David Dorling - Help'n'Trade

David Dorling

Help'n'Trade - job application!

Social Media & Community

a.k.a. "Networking beast"
Filip Popescu - Help'n'Trade

Filip Popescu

Sustainability Ambassador

a.k.a. "Count Dr. Acula"

our path so far

  • 01.06.2020

    We found each other as co-founders

  • 06.09.2020

    Published ClosedBeta version of our
    mobile web application for private users

  • 08.01.2021

    Start of testing with local small business

  • ...04....03....21... GoLive!

    We published a live version of our mobile web application
    for small businesses and consumers, with focus on local services

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