5 ways to improve productivity working from home

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Podcast episode #20 – 5 ways to improve productivity working from home

In our podcast episode number 20 we present to you “5 ways to improve your productivity working from home”. We recorded this workshop as a part of our Meetup, which due to the corona related lock-down, happened as a video conference. Our meetup was led by a success coach Lesley Calvo and attended by approximately 30 people.

#1 Clear up your work space

Most important step is to set up a designated area in your home that will be your working space and working space only. In the next step clean your room or at least your desk to a minimum. Have only the essentials such as your computer, notebook and a single pen. Same goes for your virtual work space. Organize your desktop, e-mails, files.

Organizing your work space goes far beyond aesthetics. Clearing your work space reduces stress, anxiety and ultimately leads to more productivity through less distraction.

#2 Create a morning routine

Your morning routine can include meditation, breathing exercise, stretching, physical exercise, writing a journal or reviewing your goals. It can last few minutes to few hours if needed. At the beginning it is important to try different things and stick with them for a little while to see how it fits to your overall daily schedule. Don’t forget it needs to be simple and easy to follow without downsides. Otherwise, you won’t stick to it.

How you start your day, sets the tone for the entire day. Therefore start the day feeling calm, controlled and powerful. Your daily routine is also your first achievement. And what a better day to start the day than with an achievement?

#3 Spend more time offline

It is easy to spend time online on your phone. On average we spend about 4 hours a day looking at the screens of our mobile phones. Think of what you can do with the time instead. For example, go into nature, exercise, maybe you have a hobby you wanted to try?
But how do you achieve this? Start to add in your own stopping queues. Great way to start is by setting up a physical alarm, instead of having the alarm clock on your mobile phone. Likewise, choose times of the day to make your phone less accessible. As less time on phone means, more time spent on what you should really be doing, therefore directly improving your productivity.

Ever heard the word: “propinquity”? Essentially, the things that are closest to us have the greatest impact on our psychological experience of the world. Therefore, the more time we spend close to our phones, the more distracted the mind is from things like interpersonal relationships and focusing on other priorities.

#4 Meditate

Meditation is no “hocus pocus”, but the fastest and easiest way to get calm and clear your mind. Moreover it enables you to operate on a peak performance level. How does it work? Meditation teaches you that your thoughts are just thoughts and not part of your core being. It teaches you to control your mind and control your thoughts, enabling you to become more focused.

Regular meditation reduces blood pressure, boosts immunity, releases negative thoughts, improves sleep quality, increases calm, clarity and focus. Pretty straight forward way to improve your productivity working from home, isn’t it?

#5 Choose your focus

Did you know that if you listen to 3 minutes of negative news in the morning, you are 27% more likely to feel negative about your whole day? Your brain enhances what you practice, whether the practice is good for your or not. Therefore, it is important you focus and invest yourself emotionally into what has a meaning for your life in the present moment and the future.

Joy and happiness gives the brain the highest level of problem solving ability and memory capacity. To put it in simple words. If you are happy you can solve and remember more. Most importantly though, your behavior influences others around you. So, it is your choice, whether those people will try to help you achieve your goals, or pull you down, because you are being difficult to work with most of the time.

About Lesley Calvo

Lesley ran her own internationally-successful jewelry company alongside her work as a design consultant for Hugo Boss, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Swarovski and Cartier.⁣⁣⁣ Later in her life Lesley transitioned to become a business growth coach. She supports her clients through a vast industry experience as well as through her practice as a Hypnotherapist, Reiki master and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. Lesley’s true strength lies in her ability to see the infinite potential in someone and support them to tap into it, transforming their lives in the process.

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