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Local services

Take a look at profiles and reviews to pick the best service provider for you. Request a binding offer, describe your situation and sort out details. When ready, book the best service provider, wait for delivery and review your experience.

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Local goods

Search for goods you need, add them to your basket. Choose a place for self-pickup and go through checkout. Pay on the spot.

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Exchange with your neighbours

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Request help

Request what you need and offer something in exchange, like money or your skills. Place it on the map, share it with your network, trade with others and review your experience.

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Offer help

Check what your neighbours request, choose one of the options of exchange or propose something else entirely. Deliver your part of the trade and review your experience.

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Why use Help'n'Trade:

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local goods and services

People and business on our application are around the corner. No cross country selling or long distance delivery. This means every interaction and purchase via our application is helping the local economy and communities, but also lowers your carbon footprint.

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Only businesses that pass our verification are able to accept digital payments and are discoverable via google search. Also, payments via Help’n’Trade are kept safe until delivery and review is possible only after delivery, therefore we make sure information on our platform are valid and trustworthy.

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single marketplace

Sometimes its not a professional service you are looking for, but a little help… and sometimes you just need to get rid of things. Help’n’Trade offers an access to professionals as well as other users with whom you can engage in circular economy and exchange your own skills and goods.

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How much does it cost?

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  • Purchase services and goods from trusted local businesses
  • Exchange skills and goods with local people
  • Reduce your CO2 footprint
  • Unique badge for early adopters
  • Track your impact (coming soon)
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Platform for sustainable future:

local services on Help'n'Trade

local services

Find local service providers and engage in local community life

local products on Help'n'Trade

local products

Find local products and support local economy

reuse, resell, recycle on Help'n'Trade

reuse, resell, recycle

Engage in local circular economy

giveaway on Help'n'Trade


Offer your own skills and find your purpose

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