Your local exchange
of skills, goods and services

Do you need HELP moving furniture? Someone to paint your room? Walk your dog? Want to get rid of old clothes?

Create a request on our platform and TRADE something in exchange. Be it your skills, goods, services or money.
HELP others, TRADE your skills, goods or services and get rewarded!
Step towards entrepreneurship starts by solving problems you or others may have. Therefore, local exchange of skills, goods and services is a great place to start. Need more inspiration? Listen to our podcast,or read about us!

How to use Help'n'Trade?

Create a trade via the big “+” button and describe what it is that you: need, desire, want to achieve or need to get rid off, etc.
Don’t forget to define where and when does the trade happen.

While defining your need, offer something in exchange to motivate others. You can offer your own goods, skills, services or money. Other users can choose one of your options or request something else entirely.

Once you create a trade wait for other users to show interest in your trade. We call such users “Helpers”. Pick a Helper which suits you best and give them time to confirm their participation.

When a Helper confirms his/her participation you just need to wait for the day of the trade. Meet the Helper, confirm receiving the services or goods you requested and fill out a quick feedback about the Helper. It’ll help other users as well.

Explore your neighborhood or click on a “Trade list“to see what our users need or offer in exchange for your own skills, goods or services. It will help if you enable “geo-location” for a better experience.

When you find a trade you want to participate in, choose one of the options as your reward or request something else entirely. Click on “Show Interest” button to submit your interest.

When a Tradee chooses you as his/her Helper, you will be given certain time to confirm your participation. Once you confirm your participation, it is settled and you will be given the exact address of the trade.

Wait for the day of the trade. Meet the Tradee, confirm delivering the skills, goods or services and fill out a quick feedback about the Tradee. It’ll help other users as well.

Why use Help'n'Trade?


Our processes are designed to establish trust between you and other users. GDPR compliance, protection of your information, review between users... we take care.


You see what other users request and what they offer. The same applies for users interacting with your event/trade. With us, you always know what is expected of you.

startup environment

On our platform you can see what people need, you can test your business ideas, find your first customers and get feedback and connections.

Open negotiation

Thanks to transparency you can compete with others to get that sweet deal. But also, you can negotiate to get the best price for the best quality.

Freedom of choice

Your hands are not bound by us. You can choose to be on whichever side of the bargain and you can exchange whatever, whenever, wherever, as long as its legal and in accordance with our policies, of course. 🙂

Localised interaction

Thanks to localisation of your trade, we enable small businesses around the corner to participate and get visibility. We strengthen communities and we make sure our environment benefits as well. It is a win-win for us all!

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