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Offer and request services locally!

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Help'n'Trade is a mobile marketplace application for people and businesses, where supply meets demand locally.

With Help’n’Trade we want to help you:

  • Discover services from around a corner
  • Find local solutions to your everyday challenges
  • Reduce your CO2 footprint via local interaction
  • Explore and become active in your local community

Our aim is to help the local economy, strengthen the communities we live in and make sure our environment benefits as well.

Give it a try and see where the journey will take you!

Request a service:


Define what you need

"I need someone to paint my room"


Offer something in exchange

"I offer 150 EUR, or I'll design a flyer for you, or I'll walk your dog"


Choose a supplier

"I choose Laura M. because of a great price and outstanding reviews"


Confirm the exchange

"Laura did a great Job and I strongly recommend her!"


How to Use Help'n'Trade?

Marketplace for local services - Help'n'Trade - entrepreneurship

Offer a service:


Create an offer

"I am a licensed translator and I offer translation services in Spanish and English"


Request something in exchange

"For my services I request 20 EUR per page"


Choose the customer

"2 firms are interested in my offer and I also approached Jim B. because of his request"


Confirm the exchange

"Jim was very communicative and paid immediately after I gave him my bill"

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Localized interaction

Thanks to localization of your trade, we enable small businesses around the corner to participate and get visibility. Localization is good for your environment 

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Freedom of Choice

You can choose to be on whichever side of the bargain and you can exchange whatever, whenever, wherever, as long as it is legal and in accordance with our policies, of course.

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You see what other users request and what they offer. The same applies for users interacting with your offer or request. With us, you always know, what is expected of you.

Why Use Help'n'trade?

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Open Negotiation

Thanks to transparency you can compete with others to get that sweet deal. But, also, you can negotiate to get the best price for the best quality.

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test your ideas

On our platform, you can see what people need, you can test your business ideas, find the first customers, get valuable feedback and connections.

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Our processes are designed to establish trust between you and other users. GDPR compliance, protection of your information, review between users… we take care.

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For Students

Offer your skills, get rewarded and get connected with the people that can help you with your every day challenges…

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For anyone Interested...

Your needs change daily. Why not solve them with a single platform? We’ll help you find the best providers for the best price, locally and fast…

Our Offer to You

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For entrepreneurs

Offer your services locally and get connected with new customers. No need to spend money on marketing or ads…

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For Businesses

We are here to make your step towards entrepreneurship easier. Find first customers, learn from their feedback and much more…

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House Work

get help painting your room

Help'n'trade | Home


get help assembling furniture

Help'n'trade | Home


get grocery products from local farmers

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get extra hands for your garden

Your Local Marketplace

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Help'n'trade | Home


Offer your language skills

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offer your 
IT skills

Help'n'trade | Home


offer “stuff” to be reused / re-purposed

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offer your skills and goods for free