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exchanging skills and goods locally was never easier!

Marketplace for local services - Help'n'Trade - Handyworkers

Help'n'Trade is a mobile marketplace application for people and businesses, where supply meets demand locally.

Why? Because it matters for your local economy, for the environment and your local community.

With Help’n’Trade we want to help you:

  • get services from around a corner
  • find new customers in your location
  • start engaging in local circular economy
  • become active in your local communities
… But most importantly, we want to create a place where you can start your own entrepreneurial experience. 

Give it a try, exchange with others and see where the journey will take you!

Request a service:


Define what you need


Offer something in exchange


Choose the supplier (person or business)


Confirm a delivery


How to Use Help'n'Trade?

Marketplace for local services - Help'n'Trade - entrepreneurship

Offer a service:


Create an offer


Request something in exchange


Choose the customer


Confirm a delivery


Our processes are designed to establish trust between you and other users. GDPR compliance, protection of your information, review between users… we take care.


You see what other users request and what they offer. The same applies for users interacting with your offer or request. With us, you always know, what is expected of you.

Freedom of Choice

You can choose to be on whichever side of the bargain and you can exchange whatever, whenever, wherever, as long as it is legal and in accordance with our policies, of course.

Why Use Help'n'trade?

Marketplace for local services - Help'n'Trade - students

Open Negotiation

Thanks to transparency you can compete with others to get that sweet deal. But, also, you can negotiate to get the best price for the best quality.

test your ideas

On our platform, you can see what people need, you can test your business ideas, find the first customers, get valuable feedback and connections.

Localized interaction

Thanks to localization of your trade, we enable small businesses around the corner to participate and get visibility. We strengthen communities and we make sure our environment benefits as well. It is a win-win for all of us.