You too can be an entrepreneur​

On our platform you can HELP others who need your skills, goods or services and get rewarded.
You can request what you need and TRADE something in exchange.

 Start your entrepreneurial journey with a local exchange of goods and services… And see where it will take you:

Why use Help'n'Trade?


Our processes are designed to establish trust between you and other users. GDPR compliance, protection of your information, review between users... we take care.


You see what other users request and what do they offer. Same applies for users interacting with your own event/trade. With us, you always know what is expected of you.

startup environment

On our platform you can see what people need, you can test your business ideas, find your first customers and get feedback and connections.

Open negotiation

Thanks to transparency you can compete with others to get that sweet deal. But also, you can negotiate with to get the best price for the best quality.

Freedom of choice

Your hands are not bound by us. You can choose to be on whichever side of the bargain and you can exchange whatever, whenever, wherever, as long as its legal and in accordance with our policies, of course. 🙂

Localised interaction

Thanks to localisation of your trade, we enable small businesses around the corner to participate and get visibility. We strengthen communities and we make sure environment benefits as well. It is a win-win for us all!

What do our users say?

"I was looking for a way to earn some extra money, but I can´t take a regular job as I need to be flexible for my studies. Help'n'Trade proved to be a right choice. What's really cool is... I found out, I actually like bargaining! There is a certain thrill when competing with others and its very satisfying to get the deal. I also get to meet the people I trade with in person, so that´s nice as well."
student using help'n'trade
Anna S.
"I work as a freelancer in graphics design and so it happens I am sometimes between the jobs. Help'n'Trade enables me finding clients for a design opportunity, but also I am able to try other things, which helps me widen my horizon. I also used Help'n'Trade when I needed to get rid of my old furniture. It really works nicely for me as an all-in-one tool."
Freelancer using Help'n'Trade
Erik J.
"I own a small repair shop and I just can´t compete with the guys who can purchase an expensive advertisement or invest in a website. With "HnT" I don´t have to wait for clients to find me, I can give them my offer and contact them directly. Most of the clients didn't even know my shop is just around their corner. Now am looking for someone to help me build a website. Maybe I can repair something for them in exchange."
small business owner using Help'n'Trade
Hugo M.
Owns a small business
"I´m really busy in my office job, I have little time or energy to sign up with 10 different platforms to solve challenges of my busy lifestyle. I prefer to organise things quickly and efficiently. Help'n'Trade is giving me all the freedom and flexibility I need and handles things transparently so I don´t waste time figuring out how to reach my goal."
office worker using Help'n'Trade
Emilie L.
Office worker
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